Artist Statement

My work, more than spread a message, transmit an emotion. Just as the musical sound is perceived in abstract way, without the nuances that would be established to express in open air or in an enclosed space, alone or with other instruments; my paintings, drawings and sculptures are created from the undeniable relationship between color, shape and volume, their arrangement is due more to intuition that the reasoning, have an internal rhythm that —like the violin sound or any instrument— do not hold specific details.

I understand the abstraction as an activity that promotes meaning: I pretend that abstracted produces in the viewer a reality; however must be a reality rather than being perceived by the view must be envisioned by the commotion. As the same form that I confront myself when creating, I want the spectator observes my work, feel the supremacy of the imagination, choose the emotion than reason; to enter into a reciprocal game of Universe to a man, from men to Universe, then allowing mobility inherent to the spirit.